Straight bashed

Gay bashing is illegal. But apparently straight bashing is ok and encouraged by the GLBT communities, I was bashed for posting an anti transgender bathroom story on Facebook. Lesbians screamed at me. Gay’s ranted. I was insensitive. Bullshit. I had stated a female could be raped…. Guess what??? It really already happened! I found out about the north Carolina rape. Gays don’t want you to know about that. They want to be kings and queens, literally. They are taking over the u.s. with more rights than I have.

Starving me.Food is a luxury.

I’m so hungry. Haven’t eaten in 3 days. Who cares, not people. I would kill for meat now. I am getting to thin…. Again. Can’t have everything… Just a morsel of bread? I drank plenty of water. I try to pretend I am fat and need to diet like most Americans. Dang wish I had a car to go to food banks. Where is all the food for poor folk? Guess you have to be a kid to eat in america.

The three o’clock monster

Most people think of a hangover after an evening of drinks, at exactly 03:00 we wake with a burning thrist…. But mine is not due to alcohol. The monster that plagues me is more cunning. No matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up, just before the strike of 3. This morning I have to tell someone. It’s raining, first time all year, I had to rush bring in the outdoor entertainments that could be ruined, mainly my uncut weed, I have it safe, as long as it doesn’t flood. Damn military has been messing with the clouds trying to get rain for months now, finally worked. But we need more than one day! Granted I do want it to stop soon for personal reasons but… Right, the monster. I tend to ramble. Well I’ve been plagued with this terror of 3 a.m. blues since… Forever! It seems that way. I wake up, went to bed at 11:00. Even clucked down a sleeping pill. Now I’m wide awake as a speed freak. That’d be OK if I could stay that way. But in an hour or so I’ll sleep again. There are no dreams save the ones I had before I slept. Only cold nothingness, silent as a tomb. 

Transgender bathrooms????

Ok now the country has gone crazy! 5% of lesbian gays surveyed i.d.ed with being transgender. In reality anyone now can enter a woman’s bathroom if he is male and claims he i.d.’s with female sex. Think about this. A man who likes to “look” can now come in our sacred bathroom sanctuary and gawk at us! Or a woman could be raped. Easier. He could be washing his hands. I’m trans he says. Then when the bathroom empties he attacks! I hate this stupid law! The country is lost.

Angry at Rayeann

Please note if you are actually reading this it’s MY BLOG!!! My opinion matters! I am somebody too! I might be white. And I was a bleeding heart liberal. Was. What we see everyday changes our perspectives. I’ve seen everything I write about! From my perspective it is 100% truth.

The Muslim Problem

German and English Europeans are becoming an endangered spieces. At the rate the Muslim’s are shitting out babies and killing white European’s, they will be the dominating force soon in Europe. We can’t let these demons ruin it. They are demons for Satan himself founded the religion. He was the visionary that evil man Muhammad saw in his dreams. Satan succeeded in his quest to get his own religion. But when the heavenly reward is Sex it’s fairly obvious who we are dealing with. What to do?????? 

Honestly I would have them all sent back! Before it’s to late! Start by making it law no more children but 2. You won’t see Muslims in China!!!! Then make it law you can marry only one man or woman. The Muslim problem is real. I would hate it if we had to reopen the concentration camps. Trust me those demons will eliminate all white people. And even dark people are at risk if they are Christians! So action is required NOW!!!! Save Europe!! Save our world! #muslimskill #saveeurope #whitelivesmatter #europeanlivesmatter #banmuslims #sendthemback #evil #demons 

Black lives matter… And? 

There’s been a lot of yelling, protesting, fires, cop killings, rioters, and just plain agitaters, but the truth is they are doing more harm than good. So they protest. So they destroy their cities. They have to live there after the fires are out. The cop’s go home to their nice suburban homes. City dwellers, protestors! All of you who scream black lives matter. It’s a fair statement to respond with All lives matter, unless you happen to be black. But like always instead of really solving the problem by taking legal action, they make noise, kill people, set fires. Typical? Yup. Everything we’ve come to expect from the protestors is true. They are fools with signs that have nothing better to do. I do not agree with them. You want change then take real action!

P.C. blues

I am so sick, and tired, always follows sick, but anyway this is serious! I am not going to do it anymore!!!! It’s true the Mexicans are operating illegal stores here and don’t pay taxes. No car insurance. No savings. Can’t get water from a rock. So if you drive stay away from Mexicans! I live in a barrio now. It was all black after the whites ran away. But when the illegals moved in, the blacks ran.  . Now my city is a hellhole from mexico, property value wayyyyyyyy downnnnnn. Thanks a lot, ya mulhados! Donald, hurry up and build that wall. But I never win. I never get anything nice. The Mexicans have nicer than me. Because I worked legally for a living, and got sick, I am very poor now. They flaunt their stolen cars and hot t.v.’s. I haven’t bought any of their stolen merchandise. It’s tempting. Hoping when donald reports them all, we have empty houses. Maybe he’ll say pick one! I’ll have a patio and 3 bedroom home! They needed a lot of rooms, family and kids ya know? They always have 5-10 kids. The school here are over crowded and they built 2 new ones! Not enough! I’m just sick and tired of the bullshit. My doctor is substandard, last one was arrested, of course he’s black. I was never a bigot. It grew slowly as I lived with those people. I married a black man. He’s dead. Smoked crack and died. Of course he did! This is the black and Hispanic cultures I have seen. Crime abounds, they stab their wives and beat them. I was even raped by one of them. So yes I am bitter. I payed for slavery my whole life with guilt, I felt sorry for them. The Mexicans threw rocks at me as a kid, the same ones moved with the whites when the blacks came. These Mexicans now are different in the sense they can’t speak ANY English. And refuse to learn. I