Monthly Archives: August 2017

Starving! Hungry! 

So tired of being hungry. Before I just didn’t eat. Totally lost my appetite. It helped. There was no pain, desire, I almost hated food. Then I had an abundance of food for a few weeks. And I ate and got my appetite back. Wish I hadn’t. Hunger hurts. I was better off not knowing what I was missing. Now I feel emotions that are wrong! Greed, unwilling to share, want, I shouldn’t have enjoyed the food.


My death

When I die what will happen to my cats? And my body? I have no money to even get cremated. I want to live to be able to repent and get my name in the book of life. Jesus forgive me for my sins. Forgive me for liking celebs, the evil false gods. Like lady gaga and even Paris Jackson. Evil. Rich cannot get in heaven. Thank you for making me poor. Giving me a chance to suffer. It is necessary. I hate it the pain Lord. Remember my name in the Book of life. Forgive me jesus.

British documentaries

I love documentaries!!! I watch as many as I can on u-tube and Netflix and Hulu. The Brits make several, and I have watched most available, I love learning new things. But I have one problem with the documentaries the Brits make.              They repeat the same info as much as ten times in one show! For instance on a show about lions, they constantly repeat “and now what will happen on the hunt?” But it takes 20 minutes to see a hunt that could have been done in 8 minutes! They purposely repeat, constantly repeatative, to extend time, I don’t know why they do it! I could have learned so much more! It’s done in almost every Brit documentary!!!! They must be slow minded people, to have to repeat simple info, which extends the time the show is on without giving any new info. Kinda like this post. I repeated on purpose, like them. It’s irritating isn’t it?