Moles and freckles

I am very white skinned. Pale English blood shows even though I’m half Greek! As a child I had big ugly black freckles on my arms and back. A horrible mole right at the mini skirt line on my leg and a huge mole on the back of my neck. I grew up in California, catholic, Italian kids and Mexican kids all had smooth mark free pretty brown skin. Of course they laughed at me. At age 22 I fixed it all. I was a nurse. Got a surgical book on mole and freckles removal. Performed surgery and removed both moles and all the bigger freckles. At 24-25 I was tan and freckle free. So I got to be one of the beautiful people for 2 years! My daughter was born when I was 35. She is half black. With tan skin and no ugly freckles or moles. She straightens her hair though and dyes it blond. We are never satisfied are we? Still I hate moles the most and shudder especially if one is on a persons face. Free removal!  Wink, wink!


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