Once upon a Time

  1. It’s over. As far as I’m concerned. I am watching the new show and cry at every episode. So much loss!!!! Belle died. Rumple never ages he’s immortal but Belle wasn’t. He begged her let him cure her with magic. They lived all the years magic free. Raised a wonderful son. Now Rumplestilkskin is trapped by this ugly white bitch Cinderellas step mom. BTW Cinderella is now black. 😂😂 modern TV. But that’s ok. She’s light. And they should have gotten a real biracial kid not some Indian or Mexican or whatever this kid is she looks like a dang boy too. Maybe they plan to explore homosexuality or transgender in future episodes. Sure ruin it for good….. I will watch and cry. I know that supposedly everyone else is safe in storybrooke. Rumplestilkskin and Belle moved to another dimension. After she died he went where Henry was. Oh Rumple. He won’t be looking for love. Belle promised him they’d be together forever if and when he died. He can’t die as of yet. One good thing. He knows who he is now. I can’t go through a whole season of another curse.

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