Hearing impaired.

I wear 2 aides, I’m about 70% deaf. But the hearing aides make the sound louder, but still voices can sound like gibblish to me. I can recognise some words faster than others. I rely on my lip reading skills also.        Sadly a lot of people who know me assume because I talk and seem to hear sometimes I am labeled as “She can hear what she wants to hear”. That is a lie. But family members insist it’s true. Don’t they know I’m most familiar with their voices? There are times I can’t understand their speech. And they tell strangers this about me, and I end up treated like I don’t exist. I can only hear one person at a time. I wish now though I had went to a deaf school because I would know sign language better and would hang out with deaf people. I’m trapped in the hearing world for now. I love and appreciate all I can hear. It hurts to be told I really hear when I don’t hear something. I could go on but that’s the basics.


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