Monthly Archives: March 2017

LGBT and now q

Q means other, queer, questioning and anyone else who doesn’t fit in the normal man women spectrum. Who knew pedophile’s had rights? Rapists might be queer! Any sexual depraved individual now has their protection. How far will they go? It’s the last days, there is no end to their sexual deviant acts. I’m celibate so I don’t fit in. I’m an other with no depraved thoughts on sex. I’m what used to be a beautiful person. I have God’s approval and love. I don’t need a group of people telling me what I should be. Sex crimes are on the rise. But it’s not the women or the cute kids that attract. Heck they are raping old people in some circles. The whole world is in a state of sexual deviance. It’s horrible. Sex no longer is for procreation. Just like The days of Sodom and Gommarah.


Hearing impaired.

I wear 2 aides, I’m about 70% deaf. But the hearing aides make the sound louder, but still voices can sound like gibblish to me. I can recognise some words faster than others. I rely on my lip reading skills also.        Sadly a lot of people who know me assume because I talk and seem to hear sometimes I am labeled as “She can hear what she wants to hear”. That is a lie. But family members insist it’s true. Don’t they know I’m most familiar with their voices? There are times I can’t understand their speech. And they tell strangers this about me, and I end up treated like I don’t exist. I can only hear one person at a time. I wish now though I had went to a deaf school because I would know sign language better and would hang out with deaf people. I’m trapped in the hearing world for now. I love and appreciate all I can hear. It hurts to be told I really hear when I don’t hear something. I could go on but that’s the basics.