Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. He was right. Every time I get an idea for a new story, I cross reference it in the computer. Never before was I able to do that in the past, and I discovered something unique and disturbing at the same time. No matter how original I believe my idea is, so far I have found…..  It’s already been done or said! I could still write my individual story. But the baseline idea, which I was convinced was my own, I would find it! Maybe better written, maybe terribly written. But there it was… Done before me. This information came as both a shock and revelation. I had in the past believed in reincarnation and that as humans we are all connected. But my Christianity beliefs had become more solid lately, and I adhered to the One God/Jesus belief. I still do. However I often wonder if we are some sick repeatative, cosmic joke. Sadly the absence of new ideas both frightened and excited me. I see us humans as one now, again, playing out our simple short lives. And they are extremely short. Void of the future that everyone hopes for. I feel suddenly empty. Shocked. Maybe even fear. I am not original. I am not special. It all has been said. It HAS been Done. Everything at one time or another, in whatever languages you choose. Done. Done. Done. That’s how I feel right now! Finished. My ideas are no linger my own….  It hurts. And the realisation that our lives are so short, least we do figure this out. I am in awe and tired at the same time. Almost ready to give up. It can’t end this way! But it has. Life is not what it seems. 


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