Monthly Archives: October 2016

Straight bashed

Gay bashing is illegal. But apparently straight bashing is ok and encouraged by the GLBT communities, I was bashed for posting an anti transgender bathroom story on Facebook. Lesbians screamed at me. Gay’s ranted. I was insensitive. Bullshit. I had stated a female could be raped…. Guess what??? It really already happened! I found out about the north Carolina rape. Gays don’t want you to know about that. They want to be kings and queens, literally. They are taking over the u.s. with more rights than I have.


Starving me.Food is a luxury.

I’m so hungry. Haven’t eaten in 3 days. Who cares, not people. I would kill for meat now. I am getting to thin…. Again. Can’t have everything… Just a morsel of bread? I drank plenty of water. I try to pretend I am fat and need to diet like most Americans. Dang wish I had a car to go to food banks. Where is all the food for poor folk? Guess you have to be a kid to eat in america.

The three o’clock monster

Most people think of a hangover after an evening of drinks, at exactly 03:00 we wake with a burning thrist…. But mine is not due to alcohol. The monster that plagues me is more cunning. No matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up, just before the strike of 3. This morning I have to tell someone. It’s raining, first time all year, I had to rush bring in the outdoor entertainments that could be ruined, mainly my uncut weed, I have it safe, as long as it doesn’t flood. Damn military has been messing with the clouds trying to get rain for months now, finally worked. But we need more than one day! Granted I do want it to stop soon for personal reasons but… Right, the monster. I tend to ramble. Well I’ve been plagued with this terror of 3 a.m. blues since… Forever! It seems that way. I wake up, went to bed at 11:00. Even clucked down a sleeping pill. Now I’m wide awake as a speed freak. That’d be OK if I could stay that way. But in an hour or so I’ll sleep again. There are no dreams save the ones I had before I slept. Only cold nothingness, silent as a tomb.