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Kylo and Rey- my continuation of star wars, not cannon…

Chapter one
Luke’s Truth
Rey had not seen the dreaded sith, Kylo since their last encounter, a deadly light sabor fight ended with a huge chasm separating the two and leaving the injured Kylo Ren to tend to his own wounds.
  Rey thought about him often. Though she was with Luke now she should have felt safe, but somehow she only felt…. Him. Kylo Ren. For the love of the force he had tried to kill her! And still something about him mesmerised her. It wasn’t his face. His nose was to big and he wore a dang dress! But something was drawing her pulling her back. Back to be near the man she knew almost certainly would kill her given half the chance.
  So why couldn’t she get him out of her mind? She still did not understand Luke’s explanation for why Kylo could not read her mind. She was not a Jedi!!! She had no training and no sense of discipline, but somehow something was working for her inside her, to fight and nearly win like she had against a sith, Luke told her she had a speacil destiny, one not as a Jedi but something else. A light of the lights, he lamely explained.  Rey was born at a time when the force was at peace. The Empire had been conquered and the resistance was strong.
  Little was known about her origins. Rey was born to a woman who lived on Luke’s home planet. She became an orphan before she could talk. A street child, she was raised by her wits. Luke had found her at age of 3 and basically cared for her through adulthood. He was her father in every sense. But he refused to let her call him that. There will come a day that to have me as your father could mean certain death. Rey balked at that, Luke was always sprouting doomsday predictions. So far only a handful were plausible, but in light of what happened on the death star, I believe now Rey saw the true gravity of what was to come.
   “Luke?” Rey asked.
   “Yes, my sunshine.” Luke replied compassionately. She smiled at the familiar nickname.
  “Tell me about Ben, your nephew…. How did he come to be such a person? He had good parents, and was loved! You’d think the darkness would go after someone who had actually been in that world. Someone like me…”
Luke jerked his head in her direction. He stared at her for a moment before responding.
   “It’s not who raised you, or how you were born. My sister and her husband did right by Ben. He had a darkness inside him that perforated his very DNA.” “It was unavoidable. I only wish I had seen it. I was so proud of his accomplishments, I was blinded, I did not see the darkness creeping in, though their were signs. Signs I chose to ignore because I believed in him. He took my trust….. And crushed it.”. Rey stared at him in shocked silence as a single teardrop feel from his eye, lost now in his beard and she was moved to hug him.
  And she did just that. “Oh papa Luke,” she crooned, “I’ll never let you down. I wish you would train me!” Luke pulled away as if he’d been bit. “How many times have I said to call me just Luke, and you are not a Jedi! I can’t train something that’s not there!”
“Then where did my power come from? How was I able to fight Kylo?” All was silent for a moment. Then finally Luke spoke.
“There is something about Ben that no one knows but me. A long time ago, “I was destined just as my father to bring balance to the force. Obviously this prophecy has not fully come to be. For the past 80 years it’s been nothing but kaos. When my chance came to train Ben and the other recruits, I did so out of love for the force and the Jedi… I never once considered one of my own would repeat history and join the sith. But the call of the darkside is stronger than I originally thought. And balance means that darkness would exist equally side by side. But that was not to be. I know something about the darkness though. It needs us. It can’t exist without the light. I dreamt of eliminating it, but that would throw the force into total confusion. There is only one solution… Embrace the darkside, but don’t let it control me, I control it. Learn to love it and in turn it learns to love us. Light is love and you are my Rey of hope.” Rey looked at him perplexed and unsure at the use of her name. “How, Luke?” “How?”

Hee hee…. Of course I’m leaving you hanging! XD After writing this I decided to put it on WATTPAD! I had to write it by hand then type again on wattpad! Anyway, the next chapter will be there under “Kylo and Rey Moon and Sun” by Circlepi. AKA Rayeann Kemp 🙂 Thanks and this story, the next chapter, completely different!

RayeAnn aka Circle-pi


Mourning internet death!!!

My Facebook friend passed 6 month’s ago. It was a significant event for the simple fact this woman was deeply loved by everyone she met on her Facebook page. We had (have…) Our own club. She was our founder. She was a heck of a writer! Fanfic! We loved her stories and blogs. She was so loved she received care packs in the mail. Several donations. I watched over a 2 year period and she really raked it in. Ok. I admit it. I’m jealous. I mean she’s dead but when she was online she never went hungry. I starve a lot. Maybe a lot is extreme. Sometimes I don’t have food. I still have my phone! Now how do I get people to love me enough to help me? I’m poor enough. I live on 800dollars a month. Period. I don’t get donations. Heck I couldn’t even get free food because I didn’t speak Spanish. Bitter? Me? A bit. I want to start a fund me site. In all honesty I’m tired of not having. Needing but not having. I try to put on a proud face. But I’m going to have to do something. I can’t work anymore I’m disabled. Worked 20 years as a nurse. Motherhood stalled my career. Arthritis and deafness ended it. I was a nurse. White middle class. Now I’m reduced to poverty and I cover it up to all my friends. No one reads my blog. So tired of trying. I was going to write about mourning my friend. But I can’t think. All I can remember is she got money and never wanted but she died. I have no money and I’m sick. If they actually help me will I end up dead? Is it wrong to ask for help? I have a run down home. No heat, no hot water. Can’t afford it. My phone is my only entertainment. Without it, I can’t believe I survived years ago without it! Right. Hunger or phone? Hey the phone is only 50 dollars. The rent is 600! I have 150 dollars left for food. I eat a lot of ramen. It’d be nice to have meat. I remember meat. I never look at the food or commercials. Yes I want. But a part of me, my mother’s voice is saying “have some pride!” Pride don’t feed me. I humbly make my first plea now. Help! Just some food boxes would be nice. And blankets. And maybe a heater by winter. If you read and say no it’s ok. Part of me still has a hard time doing this. I have no idea what to say on the fund me site. Or even if I can afford to turn on a fund me account. I’m not a hustler. Most of the people asking for money are considered from Lagos, or liars. Or no pride like mama said. I just want to be normal again. I remember. I am still me. I just have no money. Thank you to whoever sees this and helps me. I don’t have an account yet. But my e-mail is we could talk I will answer questions. Kind of embarrassing. Thank you. I appreciate any help available. Also, I need medicine I can’t afford. What a mess. I am so sorry. Of course I love you guys!

RayeAnn aka Circle-pi