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Deaf/Blind lepers and beggers

Never before had I felt so ostracised. I wear 2 hearing aides now, I lipread excellent and was a nurse for 25 years. I’m also extremely nearsighted. Most of my life, after primary school was fine, I felt like a normal person. Even took sign language back in college and volunteered at a deaf high school. That didn’t last long. Although I wore a hearing aide, I wasn’t one of then. It’s like a club. You can’t belong if you’re not 100% deaf. So when my hearing started going, I got the 2 most powerful aides I could, and brushed up on my lipreading.
This worked fine as long as one person at a time spoke. My arthritis ended my career and motherhood put a hold for a while on work, yes, I stayed at home to be a mom. I spend most of my time online, my friends know I’m hard of hearing. 80%. I couldn’t ever make it on Skype or group talk chat, but texting is in! And captions on TV? It’s better now for the deaf than ever. Even the blind have descriptive TV and great computers! I never have met a blind person. Have one blind friend on Facebook. My deaf friends are on Twitter. As a precaution I’m weaning my way into the deaf world. They say I’ll go deaf.
Last week both batteries went out. I wasn’t home. I was shopping. Suddenly my lip reading got very hard. I realised I was also listening to the sound, and figuring out their words in my head. I WAS deaf! I did sign language, but the people didn’t understand. In the end I had to make them write down what they said. Since I speak so well I got some dirty looks…. Next time I’ll be sure to talk like a deaf person. Sad.
Then this morning I lost my glasses. Blindly fumbling for them, everything blurred. I could hear, but glasses don’t talk! Luckily my neighbour found them for me, next to my chair, I couldn’t see them.
This brought some clarity to me. If I lived before 1940 silent movies would be the only News I saw. If I lived before 1985 no captions, is never know what was going on. And if I lived before 1600-3000bc, I would have never learned to read, talk, is be a half blind beggar and almost deaf, useless member of society. That for only the past 38 years have deaf and blind people really been able to know what everyone else knows. We can read! We can watch movies. We have careers. We function better than ever.
I felt this week how far we’ve come. Still, it would be nice if doctors could eliminate blindness and deafness. But until then we live in the comfort that we will know that the world is about to be destroyed at the same time as you normies!! Wait a sec. That’s not comforting!!!!! LMAO they won’t let us use emojis here so shit! 😀 Oh well…..

RayeAnn aka Circle-pi


Youth culture now!

Everyone remembers the 60’s. With fond memories we look back at our rebellion. We set the precedence for what is happening now. We have aged. But the youth still rule. And our wonderful drug consumption, along with the hormones in our food has caused a terrifying phenomenon. Youth today are totally “different”. There is a strong belief in the no god theory. They only believe in self gratification. Sex is featured as the dominating force in their lives. That and the perfect face. Most of them claim bisexuality. Others don’t know if they are a boy or a girl. The name transgender has become a norm. As well as cutting. Bodily harm is a strong feeling they desire. Tattoos are constantly covering our youth’s beautiful bodies making the original obsolete. Hair cuts are bizarre with unnatural colours such as pink or blue. Yes times have changed. Drug use is also extreme. Designer drugs such as ecstasy are popular and the new acid is back. I am confused and angry at myself for allowing it to get so far. We did this! We wanted a youth driven culture so much, we forgot the consequences of aging. Age brings clarity. Understanding. Youth have neither. We can stop it. No more antibiotics in food. No more hormones. Maybe in 2 generations after natural eating will bring back humanity. But I doubt it. Americans are lost. My favourite young person is from Germany. The Germans since Hitler have forbidden youth certain evils. It has helped. Many German youths have values. Perhaps the future is not a total loss. Still it hurts. To see a girl with spiked hair in boys clothes, surgical penis attached, cutter scars covered in tattoos. God don’t let it reproduce!

RayeAnn aka Circle-pi