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Trump who? Repented…. Now voting for Trump!

People are all upset at Donald Trump’s actions in the recent rallys he’s held, his slogan, “Take back America”, really means, take the  presidency out of the nigger’s hands doesn’t he? He means Obama. But Obama is looking better and better, after this debacle! Trump hates anything not white! And he wants to bring back the good old days…. Like slavery???? White only? He tells his followers to smack un- American behaviour, and his followers have! He says “don’t worry, I’ll represent you!” He is a demon, working for Satan, promoting hate. My prediction is he’ll be killed. One can hope….

RayeAnn aka Circle-pi

I revise this. I’m voting for trump!!!

Why? One reason. Hil-liar-y. Dangerous bitch wants to take our guns and let Muslims in??? Hell no! Donald I repent! I vote for you November. Otherwise we are all fucked.